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According to a Google study unveiled in 2018, in the United States, “mobile requests” nearby (“near me”, ed), which clearly expressed an intention to buy (“can I buy”, “to buy” or other variants) have increased by more than 500% in the last two years “. This use brings back in the store the mobile users who arrive with a specific idea in mind, and not to hang out. To inform the barge, the Google My Business merchant card is a showcase of choice, because it is very functional and gives visibility on the local pack, on Google Maps, in organic search and of course in the knowledge graph.

Free tool, Google My Business is updated very regularly and new features appear throughout the evolutions. It is therefore important to optimize your Googe My Business profile, which requires more perseverance and creativity than technical knowledge.

1. Become the owner of your listing

Google is not waiting for merchants to create their Google My Business card to display one if they have noticed the presence of an establishment. There are two ways to become a homeowner: to have the property validated when it already exists, by phone or mail, or to create a new one. In order to avoid having two competing cards sowing doubt in the minds of users, it is therefore advisable to check on Google Maps that the field is free before creating a new one.

“You have to re-read all the information on each sheet regularly to make sure they have not changed”

Once the card is validated, the owner accesses the dashboard from which he publishes information, sends news and analyzes the performance data more and more extensive that Google provides. From the “Info” category, the account manager can modify the contact details and opening hours of his or her establishments. All fields are important and must be well filled. The “category” of commerce is a referencing criterion that allows users to receive personalized results according to their search intent (online tools make it possible to find existing categories). It is better to try to be as specific as possible to stand out from the competition, by choosing instead “store of articles and dance clothes” than “clothing store” for example.

In accustomed collaborative practices, Google has opened to all contributors the ability to “suggest changes” on any Google My Business listing. However, very often, this results in an effective modification of the information of the form … without notification for its owner. Wrong user responses to “quick questions” and divergent information Google finds on other media can have the same effect. To avoid losing customers because of inaccurate information, Mickaël Le Du, SEO consultant at Resoneo, recommends to any card manager to make a habit of regularly reading all the information on each card to verify that they have not not changed in the meantime.

Since the beginning of the year 2018, all businesses can add a list of products or services with their prices, an option inspired by restaurant menus. Another novelty, the description of the trade in 750 characters of which only 250 are visible at the bottom of the knowledge graph on computers. On the mobile, you have to go to the “about” tab to read it.

2. Power Google My Business

Like a website, a Google My Business listing is not meant to be static. Google also sends regular notifications to encourage owners to add fresh content. The images, provided they are exclusive, offer a showcase to present its premises, its products, its team and tell in photos the daily life of the establishment to fuel the story telling of the brand. Since January, videos of 30 seconds maximum can complete the presentation of the trade.

Description of the trade at the bottom of the knowledge graph

Posts are the most interesting opportunity to speak in a little detail. The last post dated appears in the knowledge graph. You must click on it to scroll through all the publications. For each post, it is possible to integrate a category (events, offers, novelties …), an image, a text, a button. The latter, whose text is to be chosen from a list, can refer directly to a page of the site on which the transaction can be finalized. From the SERP to the purchase page, there is only one click. Deployed at the end of 2017, posts are not yet registered in the practices of professionals or users, but Mickaël Le Du considers them as a pathway

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