This jewelery company has decided to trust Brand Factory for its launch. Getting started is essential to being successful quickly. Finding your clientele and seducing with beautiful creations was the challenge.

Our team took the time to get to know this company and its passion for jewelery. The selection of the materials that will constitute a jewel as well as the know-how are essential elements for this company. From this information, we have created a custom logo, a graphic charter and a branding.

We took care of the creation of the website and we decided to value each inspiration of this jeweler of talent. So we integrated photos, videos and even the 3D motion to represent the jewel from all angles. These additions immediately plunge the visitor into an extraordinary universe. Sales took off immediately thanks to this idea put in place by our team.

To optimize this inventive site, we also bet on SEO to guarantee quality SEO. Placed among the best results of the search engines, this site is discovered each month by new passionate jewelers.

To ensure long-term success, Brand Factory has launched Facebook campaigns to raise awareness of the company and find its customers. This social network which has more than 1.6 billion users necessarily has members who are looking for beautiful jewelry to showcase.

This comprehensive approach has made 55C a must-have for anyone looking for unique jewelry.