Coating Systems is a respected leader in the area of ​​surface treatment. With 2 offices in France and the United Arab Emirates, the design, the platform architecture and the user experience are crucial for the development of this company internationally.

We created the website online, layout and enhancement of images and media more efficiently. We not only designed and developed the main website but we follow this SEO client to ensure the best positioning in the search engines.

Our developers have developed a custom content management system that could be easily used not only by the Coating Systems sales team, but also by our team. A consistent approach to branding with flexible layouts has created the desired result: a website representing an internationally open company.

For maximum visibility, we have created an innovative logo and a graphic chart that resembles it. Its desire to find more customers on the international scene had to be accompanied by quality media such as a customized commercial brochure.

With an ambitious schedule and high expectations, Bee Digital had to face a huge challenge. For a team with a lot of talent, anything is possible and we were proud to deliver the new Coating Systems website. Delivered on time and to specification and budget.