Farouk Systems has approached BEE Digital to share its expertise in the hair field. Offering innovative solutions, he heals the hair of everyone for a stunning result. This passion and expertise deserved to be known so we worked in that direction.

A professional website has been created with the presentation of products and hairstyles from the homepage. Whatever his hair nature and color, he shows that Farouk Systems has the ideal solution. The objective is to show that this company knows perfectly the concerns of each person. Shampoos and tailor-made treatments are therefore available according to the needs.

To guide users to this expert site, we have taken care of SEO SEO. Finding hair products to get the dreamy hair is now easy since this site is easily accessible. Highly ranked in the search engines, it has a place of choice in the world of hair expertise.

Companies of this level deserve to be discovered by all so we realized campaigns on Facebook. With 1.6 billion users, potential customers were very numerous. Our approach has made it possible to transform the members of this social network into clients who are very interested in the proposed expertise. Sales have quickly taken off and are continuing today.