Xwick is a company that offers trendy clothing. Specializing in streetwear and vintage, its goal is to seduce young people and those who want to stand out with a unique style, ahead of its time. Targeting his audience was therefore essential to trigger the desired sales.

We have created a website that has a certain modernity and a desire to reinvent the codes. The headings are presented to encourage actions. The chosen Shopify model will increase sales through clear and pleasant navigation between headings and articles.

If the design of a website is important, its content must be optimized to attract visitors. For Xwick, we have implemented a powerful SEO based on occurrences related to its field of activity. Being able to rank among the best results in the search engines is the guarantee of being able to multiply sales.

Brand that wants to register as a trend, use social networks was essential. Our team chose Facebook to make this new clothing line quickly viral. Our Facebook campaigns have therefore aimed to make it known and seduce customers. This work has paid off as Xwick already has 700 fans and is gaining popularity every day.