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The approach of this confrontation, SEO vs. PPC, raises a number of new questions. Before transmitting them, it would be good to recall, in very general terms, what each of them does.

The SEO (Search Engine Optimization) aims to improve the positioning in the results displayed by the search engines. It is based on the natural results associated with the relevance and quality of the information used on the site.

PPC (Pay Per Click) implies, as the name implies, to obtain fast and relevant traffic based on paid advertising offered by Google, Yahoo. Facebook, etc. Both are indispensable tools to increase the traffic in the search engines. The use of each is directly related to the time and financial possibilities of website owners. While SEO can deliver the desired results in a longer period of time, the PPC can deliver quick and immediate results.

1. Which tool should I choose first: SEO or PPC?

The answer takes into account the needs and budget of each company. If you want fast traffic and an appropriate budget, the PPC is an optimal solution! But if a business starts and has a constraining budget, then the medium term to get SEO results is the best solution.

2. Is this a false confrontation?

In a way yes. It all depends on the intended purpose. SEO without PPC is good, but if the PPC can help you, why not work together. It all depends on the financial strength of the company! They can be considered more as two complementary instruments than as two opposite elements.

3. Which of these tools brings more benefits?

The PPC can help get better SEO by bringing in more traffic. If brand promotion is doubled, relevant and quality, organic results can be improved quickly and visibly.

If the PPC campaigns are consistent, unaccompanied by the quality of the user experience on the site, accurate service and quality information, the results obtained and the conversion rate may be contrary to expectations.
The benefits of CPP can be substantial and immediate.
The benefits of SEO are the foundation of any sustainable business!

4. What are the implications between SEO and PPC?

The goal of SEO is to generate as much traffic as possible and improve the site’s position with search engines. CPP can get these results immediately. Why not combine these two tools?

By changing the search algorithms, to find the best SEO solutions, the CPP can reduce the disadvantages of the transition period.
If there is intense competition on certain keywords, being taken by financially strong players, PPC can generate costs that are difficult to bear, with poor results. Then, rethinking the SEO strategy is the solution at hand.
So the smart and personalized combination of SEO and PPC is the true power and value of a brand. The combination of the two elements and their adaptation to the ever-changing reality puzzle offer the solution to this false confrontation.


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